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Subject to availability.


Hummus* $6
A dip made from a blend of chickpeas, sesame paste, lemon juice and garlic, served with bread.   

Bubbaghanooge* $6
A dip made with baked eggplant, sesame paste, lemon juice and garlic, served with bread.

Tabouli* $6
Salad of parsley, cracked wheat, onion, tomatoes, lemon juice and olive oil. 

Lebanese Potato Salad $6
Chilled diced potatoes with parsley, onions, lemon juice, olive oil and mint.
Yogurt and Cucumber Salad* $6
Yogurt, diced cucumbers, garlic and mint. 


Fatayer (Pies) $4 each
Our delicious varieties flavored with Middle East spices,  wrapped in a dough triangle and baked  

Cheese Pie*  Cheese, eggs, onions and parsley
Spinach Pie*  Spinach, onion, oil, lemon juice and spices
Feta & Spinach Pie*  Spinach, feta cheese, onion, oil, lemon juice and spices
Meat Pie  Ground beef, pine nuts, onion, yogurt, oil, lemon juice and spices


Grape Leaves $6

Grape leaves (4) stuffed with rice, ground beef and Middle East spices.    

Baked Kibbee $6

Ground beef, cracked wheat, pine nuts, onion and Middle East spices.  

Loubiyeh (Green Beans) and Rice* $6

Green beans, onion, tomato sauce and Middle East spices, served with rice pilaf     

Kafta $6

Lean ground beef patties, parsley, onions and Middle East spices. 

Rice Pilaf $3

Rice, butter and extra fine pasta.


Falafel* $14
Vegetarian patties (3) made of fava beans, chickpeas, onion, parsley and Middle East spices, served with lettuce, tomatoes and tahini sauce on pita bread. 

Shawarma $14
Tender strips of beef or chicken, marinated in Middle East spices, grilled on an open flame and served with tahini sauce on pita bread.  


Baked Chicken and Rice $14
Marinated chicken with garlic, lemon juice and Middle East spices.

Shrimp Kabob and Rice* $15
Tender skewered shrimp, marinated and broiled.

Roasted Lamb and Rice $15
Tender leg of lamb slowly roasted with Middle East spices.      

Beef Tenderloin Shish Kabob and Rice $18 
Marinated tenderloin with Middle East spices, grilled with tomato, peppers and onion.


Zalabia* $5
Fried dough (3) served with special syrup.    

Katayef * $4

Middle Eastern crepes – cheese, walnut and ricotta cream – served with a rosewater simple syrup.   

Baklava $4
Filo pastry filled with chopped nuts and sweetened with a honey syrup.

Traditional Sweets Box (7 pastries) $24

available to order in the reception hall


Beer $5                         Glass of Wine $8
Beer Koozies $4             Bottle of Wine $30
Soda and Water $2        Wine glasses for purchase 


Assorted Pie Sampler $16
Meat Pie, Spinach Pie, Cheese Pie, Feta & Spinach Pie, Dessert

Pies & Grape Leaves $16
Meat Pie, Spinach Pie, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Dessert

Pies & Kibbee $16
Spinach Pie, Cheese Pie, Baked Kibbee, Dessert

Sample boxes available to order in the reception hall.


Bulk food must be purchased onsite at the booth. 
Subject to availability.

Pies (12) $40 

Baked Kibbee Tray $30 
Grape Leaves $25
Tabouli (1lb) $15 
Hummus (1lb) $12 
Bubbaghanooge (1lb) $12 
Yogurt & Cucumber (1lb) $12
Pita Bread (10 loaves) $7 

* Vegetarian

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